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The complete Colorado State Republican and Democrat Party Platforms are available as reported here by the Colorado Statesman.

Below is a table comparing excerpts from each Party Platform, plus editorial comments
by Daniel Martin, 2010 Republican Candidate for Boulder County Clerk & Recorder.

Support the immediate repeal of ObamaCare. Support the right of healthcare consumers to obtain health insurance from any insurer in any state. Support health savings accounts and other consumer choice reforms. Support a quality universal healthcare system not tied to employment, as a basic right of all citizens. Support a healthcare system should be focused proactively on wellness, health promotion, preventative medicine, public health, disease prevention, as well as primary care. There is no mention in either the US or Colorado Constitutions of any "basic right of all citizens" to have health care.

Both parties, and 100% of Progressive/liberals, incorrectly cite the "general welfare" phrase in the Preamble of the Constitution as a carte blanche authorizing whatever new spending binge(s) will buy the most votes (e.g., 0bamaKare).

In truth and fact, "general welfare" was a carry-over from Article III of the original "Articles of Confederation" that preceeded the United States Constitution. In them, "general welfare" was clearly defined as a pact guaranteeing equal opportunities and mutual defense among the states. Article III says, in part:

"The said States ...for their common defense, ...and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves ...to assist each other..."
The then contemporary meaning of "general welfare" was carried over into the U.S. Constitution by its framers. Only today's Constitutionally challenged politicians have self-servingly bent its meaning to "anything we want goes." This is not just my opinion alone, but is also independently affirmed here.
Support the immediate securing of our national borders. Oppose any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Support a well-regulated guest worker program that is important to Colorado agriculture and industry. Oppose the concept of sanctuary cities and support legislation that would prohibit public funding to any locality that refuses to cooperate with the enforcement of immigration laws. Affirm that the English language be the only official language of the United States. Condemn Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, and recognize that the phrase "reasonable suspicion" opens the possibility of racial profiling. All persons residing in the United States deserve equal protection under the law regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin. Immigrant populations should be educated about and encouraged to participate in the political process. Support the use of incentives for other countries to expand their economies... The sovereign State of Arizona has the right to protect its borders from foreign invaders, particularly if the Federal government fails in its Constitutional mandate to do so. All criminals do indeed deserve equal protection under the law: criminal law. Illegal immigrants are by definition criminals. An act of crime is not reduced, much less excused, by gratuitous references to "...race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin" of the perpetrator. Simple fix: 'Book 'em, Danno!'
Believe foreign terrorists are illegal enemy combatants who should not be treated like domestic criminals and should not be tried in civilian courts. Decisions regarding withdrawal of American troops from foreign soil should be based on the national security interests of the United States and not political timetables. Believe that keeping citizens safe from terrorism must not undermine international agreements affirming the fundamental rights of all human beings... The "War on Terror" is not a war. Terrorists are criminals to be dealt with by international systems of criminal justice. Support a Department of Peace, which focuses energy and resources toward working with communities on a global level to establish peace and unity. Which Party seems more to support the United States of America, and which supports the United Nations? On November 2nd, please vote for pro-USA candidates - not for pro-UN Progressives who seek to coddle terrorist 'criminals.' Any Party that advocates a 'Department of Peace, which focuses ... working with communities on a global level to establish peace and unity' is juvenile. What a complete crock of feel-good Pablum !!
Believe life begins at conception and is deserving of legal protection from conception until natural death. Support overturning Roe v. Wade. Believe pregnancy, abortion, and birth control are personal private matters not subject to government regulation or interference. Support a woman’s right to choose and strongly oppose the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Reproductive choice is a private matter between a woman and her doctor. It is not the province of any other person, private entity, or their government. Oppose any legislation or initiative that would restrict a woman’s right of access to abortion. Such restriction is a violation of privacy. The right of privacy should not be abridged by a requirement for notification or consent from spouse, parents or guardians. No female should be forced to undergo an abortion against her will. Neither party seems to care about the rights of the childs father, the four grandparents, or of the unborn future taxpayer herself.

Seems that the lives of six other people are torn apart (one of them terminally) so that the life of one person will not be inconvenienced.

I wonder how many "pro-choice" advocates actually consider the fact that they are advocating the demise of their own movement?

Support marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Support civil unions for all couples with all the benefits, protections and responsibilities of married spouses; and urge the defeat of the Federal Marriage Amendment and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. Urge our elected representatives at all levels to vigorously oppose legislation or ballot initiatives that would narrow the definition of marriage to a partnership between two persons of opposite genders thus excluding other committed, but non-traditional relationships. Once the simple,traditional definition of marriage is abandoned, it's a slippery slope down to "anything goes."
Support making the 2003 federal tax rate cuts, scheduled to expire in 2011, permanent. Support the elimination of federal and state death taxes. Oppose any attempt to repeal or modify the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and condemn the circumvention of TABOR sanctioned by the Colorado Supreme Court and exploited by the Democrat-controlled legislature. TABOR should be supported and strengthened and the judicial “fee bypass rulings” should be reversed so that no tax masquerades as a fee. Support reducing the size and scope of government at all levels by limiting and reducing taxes, regulation, and government spending. Support the removal of the Social Security fund from the general budget so the federal government cannot spend Social Security contributions for anything other than Social Security benefits. Oppose all government bailouts. Believe the economy must meet the basic needs of all Americans for housing, food, healthcare, education, energy, transportation and infrastructure, essential public services such as police, fire legislative, as well as socially necessary public spaces and programs such as parks, open space, recreation facilities, libraries, arts and cultural programs. Democrats are realists who know essential services require tax funding. Given that our middle class is shrinking and an inefficient tax system is causing widening economic disparity between the ultra wealthy and wage earners, we support a more progressive tax system that would address that widening disparity. Progressive taxation would also eliminate tax cuts and tax avoidance and evasion schemes for the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations, and would necessarily reject consideration of a flat tax (since it disproportionately favors the very wealthy). Support legislation that, for all compensation packages that are more than 40 times the average compensation package of an employee, taxes the difference in compensation as windfall income at a higher marginal rate. Believe that the estate tax is the only significant federal tax on accumulated wealth and is an essential part of a fair tax system and must be preserved. Support an economic stimulus package that rebuilds our infrastructure and creates jobs (similar to the HRA of the 1930s), with policies strengthening the U.S. dollar and reducing interest rates on home mortgages. Recommend increased funding and staff for the Internal Revenue Service to allow for collection of unpaid taxes and to increase the frequency of corporate auditing. While appreciative of the efforts thus far to properly regulate pay day loans we continue to believe our financial institutions have acted immorally in their treatment of consumers in perpetuating a cycle of debt at usury levels. In order to restore order and a sense of fairness in the treatment of consumers lending, the "free market" demands regulation to curb these abuses. Support legislation to set a hard cap on (annual) payday lending rates of 15 percent. Request simplification of the tax code and revocation of the TABOR amendment. The financial crisis in Colorado was precipitated by the interaction of the TABOR amendment, the Gallagher Amendment and Amendment 23 and needs to be addressed by constitutional reform. Support repeal of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights provisions of the Colorado State Constitution, which have resulted in unacceptable curtailing of state services, especially the human services safety net. Oppose passage of Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61 in the November 2010, election in order to guarantee the future of Colorado and its citizens. Support reintroduction of the Colorado Earned Income Tax Credit and other measures to ensure a living wage and to mitigate the "cliff effect", which occurs when a small increase in income leads to termination of a work-support benefit. Democrats are realists who know essential services require tax funding. Given that our middle class is shrinking and an inefficient tax system is causing widening economic disparity between the ultra wealthy and wage earners, we support a more progressive tax system that would address that widening disparity. No wonder Democrat bills in Washington D.C. are 2,000+ pages long and legislators do not read (much less write) them. There are some really long-winded and grasping dudes up there.

The 2010 Colorado Democrat Party Platform has succeeded in incorporating an impressive array of their favorite code words and phrases: "socially necessary", "cultural", "ultra wealthy", "progressive", "scheme", "disproportionate", "windfall", "economic stimulus", "immoral", "usury", "fairness", "abuses", "human services", "living wage", "benefit", "economic disparity", "sexual orientation", "peace and unity", "right to choose", "exclude", "non-traditional" - see if you can find them all.

The Democrat Party is explicitly against the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (aka TABOR). 0bama and his Democrat Legislators believe that your paycheck is not your own.

That part about "Recommend increased funding and staff for the Internal Revenue Service to allow for collection of unpaid taxes..." is especially worrisome when we see that the IRS is buying more SWAT-style shotguns.  More shotguns ???
Who knew they even had any ??

2011: Three massive waves of the
most extreme tax increases in history
begin rolling in:
  1. Democrat failure to renew 2001 and 2003 Bush Tax Relief
  2. 0bamaCare taxing begins ("Care" part does not): 20 new or higher taxes
  3. The Alternative Minimum Tax and Employer Tax Hikes
Please try to remember that, per Democrat mantra, these taxes only apply to the 'rich' who 'don't pay their fair share' - wish you were poor now?? Fret not, for soon you will be.

Before they lecture others, the Democrat Party better look at themselves first! For Democrats to say that they "...believe our financial institutions have acted immorally in their treatment of consumers in perpetuating a cycle of debt at usury levels.' is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

Remember, it was Colorado Democrats whose tax (and tax) and spend (and spend) policies caused Amazon to cancel every one of their Colorado marketing associates.

Colorado Democrats are forcing all on-line sellers, everywhere, to report to Colorado all items purchased by anyone, in any state. Colorado state law gives out-of-state retailers the option of forcing their consumers to pay the Colorado sales tax to avoid complying with the onerous reporting requirements. And of course it is Democrats who continue to demand an internet sales tax for all on-line sales.

The Democrats are telling you straight out: "We support a more progressive tax system that... would also eliminate tax cuts and tax avoidance"

Think about it... even if you are a Democrat, are you still anxious for them to "give" you even more of that Democrat 'Hope & Change'??

By now the differences between the Republican vs Democrat mindset should be crystal clear. If you still need more examples, please refer to the complete Colorado State Republican and Democrat Party Platforms, as as reported here by the Colorado Statesman.


Do a CLEAN SWEEP in 2010!!

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