My campaign for Boulder County Clerk and Recorder has seemingly become so bothersome for the Progressive Left that the most liberal blog site in Longmont (and maybe in all the world), Free Range Longmont, has decided to attack honor me with a Sesame Street video (YouTube):   Nasty Dan by Johnny Cash.

In the video, Johnny sings to the Sesame Street character "Oscar" (trash can monster) about an extremely
hateful person, Nasty Dan, who allegedly:
  • Is the Meanest man I ever knew
  • Eats nails for lunch
  • Never takes a bath
  • Tries to make things wrong
  • Jumps for joy when a little boy would trip and fall.
  • Lighthearted as all that seems, remember that it was Free Range Longmont who published a delusional drive-by screed in April 2010 about a gathering of voters that FRL deemed "The Hatriot Party", a virtual 'Pit of Vipers' that apparently includes all of us Conservatives.

    The editor of FRL (a distant relative of the late Link Wray) refers to me as: "...the hardest of the hard-core right wingers..." For once, the rumbling Mr. Wray got something right, but he forgot to say that I am so hard core Conservative that I can see Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Pat Buchanan - in the distance - over my left shoulder!

    As a hard core Conservative I will obey the Constitutions of The United States of America and the sovereign State of Colorado. What this means to Boulder County citizens is that:

  • I will not try to create or reinterpret existing laws, but instead
  • I will enforce the law equally, without prejudice, for all.

    FRL really took the gloves off in late September when it published a negative article that attacks me, and my Conservative views, personally. Has my campaign arrived, or what? The FRL editor has lifted some of my quotes (often out of context) from this page on my campaign website. I stand by each of those, and every one of the others you'll see there too.

    In truth, Johnny Cash (the real Man In Black) wore black for some deeply felt reasons.

    This is what Johnny says, in part:

    "I'd love to wear a rainbow every day and tell the world that everything's OK. But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back, until things are brighter, I'M THE MAN IN BLACK."

    Like Johnny Cash, I choose to campaign in black for some of those same reasons - but specifically because of the viral infiltration of Progressivism (i.e., communism lite) into our government, our education, and both of our political parties.

    I, Daniel Martin, solemnly pledge to be a sin-eater; a bearer-away of darkness in personal service to our Republic.

    This I will achieve through the healing of one branch of government (Clerk & Recorder), in one county (Boulder), in one state: OURS (Colorado). The healing will come from a return to Constitutional principles (both Federal and State), and unshakable respect for the inalienable rights - endowed by our Creator - that the United States Constitution bestows upon We The People.

    By the way, if you vote by paper ballot anywhere in Boulder County (either mail-in or at the polls) in the 2010 General Election, you are voting on an unconstitutional ballot!

    So now it's my turn: Here's a little video (thanks to for "44",
    all his cronies, and especially for all the weak minded sycophants whose only working neural pathway is to blame "43" - November 2nd is almost here, and...
    "When we're holdin' the hammer, every one of you looks like a nail."

    AMERICA: Can you hear me, now? Ready to learn the facts about taxes?

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